Our services base on Solar installation and Electric wiring, and also small Industrial automation.For Solar installation we advice to have a stable battery bank. Battery banks are the best choice and also the most important part for renewable Solar energy storage. By using batteries to deliver energy captured from the sun, Putting in a system of batteries to harvest and store the output of the sun. Before installing a battery bank, much thought, care, and calculation will be necessary to ensure that the system chosen will fully meet the energy needs of the household in a cost-efficient way.

Deep cycle batteries are the best choice for Solar Home systems (SHS) ‘Deep cycle’ simply means that the batteries in question can handle being regularly discharged and recharged on a regular basis. They have the ability to store large amounts of energy for when it is needed.The sun, keep the battery bank charged, which supplies DC current to the inverter, which then converts that energy into the AC current that is required to power household.

WT 12200                                        

Westech Gel Deep Cycle VRLA Solar Batteries – These are one of the best sealed batteries we have found. Tec Electricals has been selling them in Gambia for  years with really fantastic results. They are made in German.


Why is Solar Charge Controller inportant.??