Over the last years solar system has received some drastic increase in many African countries. In other to provide a sustained service and qualify Installation, it is required for an electrical company to be able to bring its own professional and electrical know how in the whole Installations process.
TEC comprises a large number of individual operations which specialise in Solar installation and delivery of best solar products and power equipment in the Gambia.
TEC is a solar power products company providing excellent services, prices and products. We provide and Install Solar systems base on OFF-GRID/Solar Home Systems (SHS) technologies to keep our cost down, enabling us to pass the savings onto our customers.

Power-Backup Systems
A power backup system has the same battery bank and inverter that is used in solar systems, but instead of receiving electricity from solar panels, it is charged by the national electric company example NAWEC in Gambia (grid) or your generator. When grid power fails, it will automatically switch to battery, keeping electricity flowing to your circuits. And when grid power returns, it will automatically start charging the batteries again.
Because a backup system does not include solar panels, it is much cheaper. These systems are a good solution where the national electric (grid) is available at least some of the time.
Tec Electricals we have the best Power Backup Diverse like Pure Sine wave Inverters, Batteries and many more all made in Germany.